A Glimpse into Chor Bazaar

chor bazar

Overlooking the Red Fort, Old Delhi’s famous Chor Bazaar is a congested, crowded but certainly a cornerstone of cheaply available goods. Sprawled over a wide area, this bazaar with motley of objects is a fascinating place. It is actually an overwhelming experience to walk through the bazaar with vendors shouting convincingly in order to sell their goods. The bazaar with a history of Chors (Thieves) selling the stolen items gives an effect of a kaleidoscope with so much happening in a small area.

A variety of products ranging from household to clothes to cosmetics to spare parts can be found in this bazaar. One has to have an eye for products while buying from Chor Bazaar as the products here are either damaged, export rejects, second hand or stolen. Though objects are not expensive here but good bargaining skills can come in handy.

Strolling through the bazaar, you would come across interesting picks such as leather products. The leather products here like leather jackets and boots are not just cheaper but genuine. Also, slightly damaged leather products from brands like Woodland and Zara can be found here. Apart from leather products, there is a bulk of branded sportswear clothes available in the market. Likewise, various types of footwear could be easily spotted. Chor Bazaar becomes particularly interesting when it becomes a commonplace for ittars (indigenous perfumes) and branded perfumes too. Don’t get scared when somebody blows a blaring horn in the market, the chances are that he is probably selling a multitude of car horns. Spare parts and electronic goods are attention-grabbing finds in the market. Also, high-quality rugs and carpets are very appealing especially if somebody has to pay half the price.

Finally don’t forget to play the video to get a feel of Chor Bazaar.


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