Aditya Arya: The Man with a Thousand Cameras

Aditya Arya is more than a photographer; he is the man who has ardently documented the history of cameras. His photographic journey began as a teenage boy who found something ‘magical’ about cameras. And since then, Arya has travelled extensively across the country and has captured some of the most fascinating cultural moments in the Indian subcontinent.  He has also photographed many tribal regions of India. He has worked in collaboration with the German Embassy to cover ‘Germany through Indian Eyes’. Today, his works are exhibited both in India and abroad.

However, Arya has not restricted himself to just capturing moments, he has in fact restored and preserved some of the rarest cameras. He has some of the most iconic vintage cameras in his collection which reflects the history and the technology of that time. Arya has completely immersed himself in the photography preservation and there are some thousand cameras and equipments in his Camera museum- the only Photography and Camera Museum in India which has cameras dating back to the 1870s era.

In this video, he talks about his love for photography, understanding of cameras and shares with us an interesting story about K-20 cameras.


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