AIFW SS’16: The day of tennis balls and Minnie Mouse buns

aifw day 2

Prama by Pratima Pandey celebrated the Indian summer wedding on the second day of the ongoing Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer, 2016 (AIFW SS’16). The collection took inspiration from the colors of the art- work, ‘The Swing’ by Fragonard. Also, Dabka, Ari and Parsi embroidery as decoration was seen in the collection. The second show of the day was by Rasa Jaipur, the brand which showed numerous outfits such as maxi dresses, shift dresses, contemporary saris and jumpsuits on the ramp. Their collection emphasized on fabrics such as silk, crêpe, georgette, and chiffon. Inspired by Morocco and other Islamic countries in Asia, Tanvi Kedia’s collection, ‘Wandertrieb’ blended the traditional exquisite vintage in easy contemporary silhouettes.

Prama by Pratima Pandey Rasa Jaipur 1 Tanvi Kedia

Hemant & Nandita gave a glimpse of the inter-related cultural and political trends of the 1960s through their collection that had the shirt and suiting fabrics fused with lace and twill. Solid color threads and lace embroideries in big floral and swirl patterns was a reflection of the 60s era. The collection comprised loose-fit pantsuits, jumpsuits, button-up skirts with large utility pockets and short shift dresses. Inspired from her first Kaleidoscope, designer Pallavi Mohan presented her collection, ‘Summer Kaleidoscope’ which was an amalgamation of laser cut 3D metallic star contour on washed denim with sheer and organza.  Radiating the spirit of her collection, Pallavi Mohan used colors such as pop pink, powder blue, yellow, peach, emerald and lilac in her silhouettes.

Hemant & nandita 1 Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan

Tennis inspired collection; ‘Deuce’ was the next in line, presented by designer, Anand Bhushan. The runway was turned into a grass court and the models came walking down the ramp gracefully, wearing white caps and silhouettes dipped in white and pastel hues. Dev r Nil’s collection was print dominated by floral, foliage and textures. The outfits were inspired by nature and had an interplay of lacework and appliqué embroidery.

Anand Bhushan 1 dev r nil

Samant Chauhan’s silhouettes highlighted rich fabrics like cotton silk, organza and had zari embroidery and embellishments. The collection comprised A-line gowns, peplum styled front-open gowns, pants, and kaftan dresses.  Payal Pratap’s collection, ‘Vintage Rose’ romanticized the 50s era with flamboyant florals, sharp stripes, and polka dots, resonating the journey of a modern woman. The collection consisted of pleated skirts, jump suits, halter necks and structured dresses.

Samant Chuahn 1 Payal Pratap 1

Ashish N Soni celebrated the inner child with five young girls opening the show and singing the popular nursery rhyme, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars’. The surprise elements of the show were the models, who walked down the ramp with Minnie Mouse hairdo and they were, in fact, smiling and giggling, radiating the spirit of the inner child. Denim-fabric ruled the show and designer fixed to the shades- black, blue, and white.

Ashish N Soni 1


The second day had an interesting mixture of bygone eras, nostalgia, journey and yes, the tennis balls.

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