Akira Naruto

The term ‘Cosplay’ is a Japanese blend of words of the English term costumes and role play. It can also be called costume play. Cosplay is performance arts in which Cosplayers (performers) wear costumes, accessories and makeup, based on the character they are playing.  The characters chosen to be played may be taken from various genres such as a comic book, anime character, video game, cartoons, television series and more. The art of cosplaying is to impersonate a character that a cosplayer chooses by copying the actions, mannerisms, in a nutshell- the essence of the character.

Renowned cosplayer, Akira Konomi from Japan came to The Japan Foundation, New Delhi to give a treat to the Cosplay enthusiasts. She entertained everyone with her performance and effervescent charm.  She looked vivacious as she played one of her favorite characters, Naruto.

In this video, she talks about her art and love for cosplay.



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  • I wish everyone understands that cosplay also includes role playing.
    Not completely but do get some essence of the character when you dress like them ^^