Chennai shall heal, it always has…


26 December 2004,  one of the largest Tsunami of all time lashed on to the shores of Chennai, ‘The Detroit of India’, killing 206 people  and permanently altering the coastline. The city stood strong and bounced back to normal life within a few years.

Just more than a decade later a monstrous Monsoon strikes Chennai back again breaking all records of the last 100 years.

Caption: Chennai During 2004 Tsunami Source:
Caption: Chennai During 2004 Tsunami

History holds high regards for Chennai, it always held its ground when needed, be it in 1746, when Fort St. George and Madras was captured under French General La Bourdonnais, the Govornor of Mauritius or in 1759 during Frech siege attempt under the leadership of Eyre Coote.
eneral La Bourdonnais
The surrender of Chennai 1746, Source:
Fort St. George Source:

Surprisingly, Chennai went down in the history books to be the only Indian city to be attacked during World War I by the Central Powers on 22 September 1914 when an oil depot was shelled by the German light cruiser.

India’s third largest populous city not only healed itself every single time, but also regained its sheen and beauty to be featured in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities to Visit.

Chennai During World War I Source:- Wikipedia
The Anicut on the Kortelian at Keshavaram, about 40 miles from Madras, where the Kortelian and Cooum fork out.Photo: The Hindu Archives/A.K. Venkatesan
Chennai During World War I Source:- The Hindu Archives/A.K. Venkatesan

Nature’s kindness seems to be low on this brave city. The present major jolt of nature. 1218.6 mm of rain in a span of 7 days is certainly a setback for a city which had just rebuilt itself after tsunami. But, does set back mean demoralization of rebuilding it again? If History was to serve as an indication, The city of Chennai  or Madras has always stood back. And it will be no different this time.

All that Chennai need right now is prayers and motivation so that the healing period reduces.

Hoping that Chennai regains its shine and status soon, here are a few breathtaking visuals of Chennai from the recent past.

Marina Beach, Chennai Source:


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