Facebook: Imitating Life, or something like that…


In the wake of the recent Paris terror attacks that killed around 129 innocent people and injured 350, Facebook became the pivotal platform for expressing solidarity and empathy. A huge number of people from different countries painted their profile color-Red, Blue and White- the color of the French Flag. Many people also displayed the pictures of black colored Eiffel Tower in a round shape.

These steps did show a commonality of how people wanted to share grief and support for the victims. While there were individuals who genuinely empathized with what had happened. The changing of profile picture also led to a ‘Trend’ which everyone was following, thus diluting the original intent.

What was also equally visible was, the lack of Original and Critical Opinion. This process of creating a social image to fit in, where individual opinions don’t come across, is amongst the various trends present.

People are living their lives on Social Media.

Facebook today has become not only the platform for judging how the society thinks, But is also the catalyst and change master for How the society should act.

Either ways, our lives are so entwined with Facebook, that we seldom step out and view ourselves.

We leave you with British illustrator, John Holcraft and Polish artist, Pawel Kuczynski beautiful illustrations on how Facebook has taken over people and society as a whole.

2_ Pawel Kuczynski
Artist:- Pawel Kuczynski Source:-
Artist:- Pawel Kuczynski Source:-
Artist:- Pawel Kuczynski Source:-



4_John Holcraft
Artist:- John Holcraft Source:-



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