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Delhi illustrates disruption of peace. The keynotes of Delhi comprise cacophony of noises, terrifying traffic and a never-ending sound of buzz. Honestly, the holistic appearance of the city is quite daunting.  However, there’s always a flicker of hope even in the loudest of the locations. So, amidst the racket of diverse activities, Delhi does offer peaceful places within its geographical boundaries.

Here are some of the peaceful places in Delhi:

Shantivan, Central Delhi

Like Shakti Sthal, Shantivan is the memorial to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. Shantivan is not just the place that gives peace of mind but also many cultural programs by children takes place here.


Open Air Theater, Talkatora Garden

Constructed against the backdrop of greenery, the Open Air Theater at Talkatora Garden is a place that feeds the mind and soul of an intellect. What separates it from another open- air theater is the feeling of quietness around it.  And that feeling is absolutely necessary to calm your mind.

open air therater

Ridge Park, Kamala Nehru

The Ridge Park is an escapade for the nature lovers. Inspired by London’s Hyde Park, the park is hauntingly beautiful, well endowed with flora and fauna. Also, the ridge houses important monuments from the 1857 revolt.

kamla nehru ridge park

Sanjay Van, Vasant Kunj

Vasant Kunj is one of the busiest areas in Delhi but that area is also an abode for bird lovers and hikers. Spread in the vicinity of 10 sq km, the park also has myriad trees that make it a soothing experience.

sanjay van (2)


Shakti Sthal, Central Delhi

Open from dawn to dusk, Shakti Sthal is the memorial to Indira Gandhi. The place is especially good to break away from the daily stress that Delhi offers. Prayer services are organized on 19th November and 31st October-the birth and death anniversaries of Indira Gandhi.

shakti sthal (3)


Don’t be unnerved by Delhi-this place is also a heaven for people who long for a peaceful haven.

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