Gulzar: His Love For Urdu


“Urdu sabze zinda zubaan hain,” said lyricist-poet, Gulzar to signify the relevance and transcendence of the language Urdu on the second day of the Urdu festival, Jashn-e-Rekhta. ‘Ya Kaisa Ishq Hai Urdu Zubaan Ka’ was the theme of the session which was moderated by Sukrita Paul Kumar.


During the course of the discussion, Gulzar further added that unlike other languages, Urdu-the lucid language has made its own community, “Urdu ne basti bana le”. He also pointed the fact that the Urdu language had no particular country or watan but it has made its place after the partition of India and Pakistan. However, he pinpointed those debates as irrelevant which are centered on the origin of the language.  “Hum kya sochte hain ki kaha hua Janam,” expressed Gulzar to defend his point.


Gulzar, whose mother tongue is Punjabi and was largely influenced by Rabindranath Tagore but on being asked that how much is the influence of Bengali language in his writings, he said that some of his book might have Bengali cultural connotation but he didn’t think that his writings were influenced by Bengali language. He gave the example of one of his books, ‘Hilsa’ (a fish famous in West Bengal) as a cultural connect with Bengal but he stressed on the fact that his books are not deliberately influenced by any other languages.


On being complimented as the major contributor to the language Urdu, he modestly said, “If you are proud of it, I like it.” He said that this is a rare language that has carried forward its legacy and quintessence even till the present days. He also advised that legendary Urdu poets Ghalib and Faiz Ahmad Faiz should be a part of the text books today, in order to promote the language amongst the youth.

However, the Urdu language is not a very commonly spoken language in India but it has its own charm which has produced ground-breaking literatures, poems and theatrical plays since ages.

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