Bollywood is our bible when it comes to trends and dressing styles. While we might be busy looking at the glamorous heroines and the dashing heroes to benchmark the style trends, there have been actors along the way who have immortalized looks and get ups with their powerful performances and layered fashion sense. These are villains, comedian, comic villains and layered mainstream actors who have given us styles we like to flaunt at Bollywood theme parties.


1. Prem Chopra as Dheeraj Kapoor in Daag

prem chpra prem chpra 2
Before Prem Chopra came along, the villains were rustic heathens trying to snatch lands from innocent protagonists. His shirts were unbuttoned flaunting the chest hair trend of yester years. A feminine scarf graced his neck and a cigarette lazily held between his fingers. Prem Chopra’s getup depicted a womanizer, drunk on money but low on a social code of conduct. The polished shoes, bell bottoms and expensive dressing style showed his love for an indulgent lifestyle.

2.Amrish Puri as Mogambo in Mr India


The character Mogambo was immortalized by Veteran actor Amrish Puri. The larger than life dramatic film had its influence on Mogambo’s costume as well. The big fringes epaulettes and bandgala costume were a derivative from a dictator and military lifestyle. The heavy boots and blond gelled wig completed the firangi look. And the creepy heavy rings drumming at the globe… still sends shivers down my body.

3. Amjad Khan as Gabbar in Sholay

gabbar 1
Gabbar was a classic character built in a frame of time when there were dacoits. The look was in every way oozing of dacoits life. The green military costume was to survive in the ruthless rugged mountain region. The hair was unkept and the teeth were blackened with tobacco use. The rough boots and a belt of bullets over his shoulders gave him the eerie effect of the cold soul that he was.

4. Sanjay Dutt as Kancha Cheena in Agneepath

Previously played by Danny, the Kancha Cheena character in the 2012 Agneepath was a complete different take on the character’s look. The beefed up body with sinister tattoos depicts a life lived on the edges. Sanjay Dutt made bald look spooky and terrorized the theatre with his sunken eyes and single mean pierced earring. The character always wore black reflecting his love for his dark soul.

5. Sadashiv Amrapukar as Maharani in Sadak

The Maharani character from the Mahesh Bhatt movie Sadak would always be remembered as one of the best makeovers in Bollywood. Sadashiv Amrapukar decked loud sarees and jewellery to play the character of a eunuch pimp. The blouses were extra feminine and look was that of a drag queen hyperbolizing the lady look. The huge red bindi completed the traditional get up while the sly eyes gave away the sinister, gross character.

6. Shabana Azmi as Wicked Witch in Makdee

shabana azmi
Shabana Azmi has played timeless roles but her most dramatic character was that of the wicked witch in the movie Makdee. A fair amount of prosthetics was used to bring the character to life. The long scaly hands with blackened nails are often seen as a benchmark of Shakespearean old hags. The unkept dreadlock with butterfly flitting in it reflected the innocent who were caught in the witches’ web. The costumes was layered and ragged. The different coloured eyes were inspired from myths describing powerful witches whose eyes were of different colours.

7. Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Shakal in Shaan

Kulbhushan Kharbanda made bald look sexy. The character Shakal had pet sharks and his favourite past time was to drum his bald head. The impeccably tailored bandgalas with the embroidered S on the chest reflected the cult nature of his reign. The demeanour was calm with an eerie steely voice.

8. Vidya Balan as Krishna Verma in Ishqiya

vidya balan

Bollywood has immortalized vamps as sultry mistresses or up tight mother in laws! But the movie Ishqiya gave birth to a new sultry vamp. The character depicts a strong deceitful woman who uses sensuality as a weapon. The sarees are basic unglamorous with long sleeves blouses adorned by any and every woman across India. The unglamorous no makeup looks with sensual kohled eyes reflect a woman who is dresses from top to bottom yet oozes sensuality.


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