India Design 2016: Quirky Designs


Non-traditional homes that playfully eschew conventional interiors have inspired interior decorators to experiment and come up with some quirky creations. The creativity has no boundaries, a definitive form, rule book and at the India Design 2016, the interior connoisseurs got to notice the unprecedented quirky creativity among other luxurious interior products.

Here are some of the brands that showcased quirky products at the India Design 2016:

  • Mother Gone Mad Design Studio

A small booth by the name of Mother Gone Mad Design Studio had many interesting interior elements. Ritika Nanda, the lead designer of the brand, came up with attention-grabbing pieces that highlighted many sensibilities. From industrial, retro, vintage, chic, dramatic, contemporary, boho, surreal to vintage, the Mother Gone Mad Design Studio was a hub of innovation. The neon lights made the booth very exciting and this design studio was noticed by many.


  • Designer Studio Collectibles

Designer Studio Collectibles booth had eclectic objects that reflected the increasing level in education, exposure and incomes of the Indian Diaspora. There were many collections presented by the Designer Studio Collectibles which comprised the Comic Sculpture Collection, the museum sculpture replica, the furniture and artifact collections, the Art of Gifting Collection, the collection of ceramic and glass, and the Kids Collection that aimed at improving the cognitive and motor skills.

The designer

  • Differniture

Differniture was founded by Aakriti Kumar and was a sculptural delight. The interiors at Differniture were inspired by the topographic movements of the earth surface such as the step farming on steep mountains. The unique point was that in spite of the quirky structure, the functionality was there in the interior products.  The interiors of Differniture radiated boldness.


  • The Charcoal Project

Started by Sussanne Khan, The Charcoal Project had many quirky installations. Unconventional and creativity were the forte of the booth that caught the attention of many interior aficionados. With Vogue posters showing empowered women and quirky pillow covers, the Charcoal Project added an interesting dimension.

the charcoal

  • Scarlet Splendour

With lip-shaped seating and a cactus plant decoration, the brand Scarlet Splendour was splendid in so many ways. The sibling team of Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia, the Scarlet Splendour booth had interior products which were rich in texture, dramatic, colorful and fun. The booth was dimly lighted and as a result the dullness beautifully enhanced the objet d’ art. It was definitely Cirque De Luxe.



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