Master Pieces in Indian Context (Mona Lisa)

What can be said about the most famous portrait in the world, Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci, that has not been said before.

Her Ubiquitous Gaze which captures the viewers eye from any angle.
Her enigmatic smile, where one minute it seems she is smiling, and the next minute her expressions turn serious.
Debates on the identity of the sitter and time taken to complete it.
Or discoveries like her originally having eyebrows and eyelashes.

Monalisa has fascinated Historians, Artists, Critics and the general public alike for many years.

To add to Mona Lisa’s enigma, we Re-Contextualize the masterpiece, pairing her with a classic Hindi song.
An interesting mix, which has a little humor. But still creates a new dimension and context to revisit a Masterpiece

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