Androgynous Models are in.

seth atwell

How often do you realize that your female model crush with sultry eyes and pouty lips is not female but a male model and vice versa? Many models today, owing to their physique and features are effortlessly able to represent both masculine and feminine fashion. More than that, the concept of gender-fluidity is now accepted. Here are some of the models, who represent androgyny or gender-fluidity:

Ruby Rose

Australian model and actor, Ruby Rose is probably one of the most popular gender-fluid models of the world. She bears a resemblance with Angelina Jolie and has striking features. She has been mainly featured on the mainstream fashion titles such as Marie-Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and others. Her short film called ‘Break Free’ which transforms her from a very feminine woman to a heavily tattooed man was quite an internet sensation. She walks for menswear shows too and easily transforms herself into both male and female look.



Zhao Yiming

Chinese model Zhao Yiming is not a pretty girl but actually a male who works as a model and a makeup artist. The amusing part was that a Korean forum posted Zhao’s photos with many stunning female models and she earned a lot of male admirers. His slender physique has left many girls in awe and guys confused.


Seth Atwell

Five months into his modeling career and the Canadian model, Seth Atwell has already become one of the most sought after models. Seth can seamlessly fluctuate between masculine and feminine and he describes himself as a ‘shape shifter’ with one of the most unique body structures.

seth atwell


Stav Strashko

It is only when Stav Strashko speaks, that people realize that he is a male model indeed.  With beautiful blonde hair, sharp cheekbones, this Ukraine born Tel-Aviv based model, is often referred to as ‘she’ by his friends. He has walked for major fashion brands like DKNY and Thom Browne.


Roan Louche

His eyebrows are often compared to that of supermodel Cara Delevingne and with his long brown tresses, lithe body structure, Roan Louche made waves a year ago. He has already worked for the likes of Gucci and John Galliano.

roan louche

Artyom Eduardovic

Artyom Eduardovic is a Russian model who defies gender stereotypes and often flaunts his androgynous looks in lady-like clothes. With his delicate pouty lips and shoulder length hair, Artyom really looks feminine.



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