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Mumbai is a mixture of different beliefs, dreams and lots of people from different walks of life. From labourers to Mafia gangsters and starlets, Mumbai is a place for everybody. Everybody has a specific destination, there but the city with tremendous energy has the busiest transport. However, the transport system could be busy in Mumbai but it is certainly not limited and not many people opt to travel in buses or the local trains. Consequently in this case, taxi not only becomes the most convenient form of transport, but also is iconic to the city’s culture.

Though a lot of attention is given to each taxi by its driver to make it stand out from its competitors, but very little is invested in the fabric of seats- seats being the main thing for any customer. With some eye-catching fabrics, the taxi ride can become happening, soothing and interesting for the customers.


Taxi Fabric, a platform dedicated to enhancing the experience through designs, recognizes the importance of designs. The unique platform stresses on design more as a medium of communication and social good than merely as a visual treat. They turn seat cover into canvases and create an outlet for designers to channel their talent and enhance everyday travel experience.

The brand has so far launched 33 Taxi Fabrics, which narrate stories ranging from our Indian Freedom-Fighters to Bollywood’s Heroes, from our dabbawallas in the day to the creatures of the night. They tell local stories through a contemporary lens!


All image Credits: Taxi Fabric


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