“Artistic Nude Photography” is not “PORN”


Presently, India, a land of taboos, cannot take the purest form of human beauty in good light. The lack of historical knowledge in the Indian natives does not allow them to digest the fact, pure representation of the human beauty has been projected in art pieces since centuries. The sculptures of Khajuraho Temple, Konarak Sun Temple, Elephanta Caves, Ellora Caves & the paintings in Ajanta Caves are wide examples of how nude portrayal of human body has been used in ancient Indian art with great beauty.  b452de1c9d46b373722ec7e2cc0b1136

In the present arena of art, nude photography is one of the closest forms which frames the human body without layering it. The credibility of understanding such an explicit art form are a bare minimum and hence the eye of looking at these art pieces has taken a different unethical dimension.

” If a million people says a stupid thing, it still remains a stupid thing”

While the mentioned quotation is certainly true but what it doesn’t realise is, the stupid thing becomes a rule if a million people say it. An artist’s vision in the captured frame might not reach out to the millions making the rule and end up being categorized as the pleasure medium for the lower strata of the society.


Under educated always find themselves in the dilemma of judging whether all nude photographs are artistic or considered art? Certainly, not every nude photograph is considered art. There are multiple parameters to judge. An amateur’s judgement on such art pieces should rely on some of these very basics.

1. Is there a thought behind the frame?
2. Does the frame portray a mood/era/setting?
3. Can you appreciate the beauty of the frame keeping your erotic feelings aside?
4. Is the nakedness trying to make a statement?
5. How creatively are the body parts used?

ch950715The objectification of the term ‘nude’ has made it lose its metaphorical value. An impactful frame with a newly born child in her mother’s arm can technically fall in the genre of Nude Photography. This frame will be judged with creative perspective by the commoners because of its commonness. The analysis of the same frame with adult characters will have a different dimension altogether. Hence, questioning the eye before questioning the viewed object becomes critical.

One can always debate on the fact if nude photography is art in one of its purest forms then why doesn’t social networking sites allow its sharing? The answer to the question remains the same, the eye for judging this art form is so limited that throwing it in public domain will not only make it lose its thought but also act as a bait for the vision-less hungry hounds.

Summing up, if one goes back to history, the eroticism in ancient art had its reason. After centuries, we found room to decipher how creatively nudity was used to address problems of that time. The modern day nude art probably needs the same amount of time and space to be discovered and deciphered in future.


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