Punjammies™ need to start selling in India: Reasons

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Back in 2005, Shannon Keith, founder of Sudara, travelled to India for the first time and was appalled to witness the exploitation of women in India’s red light districts. Shannon listened to the tragic stories of young girls being sold into the sex trade. She was more disheartened to learn that those girls who escaped from the shackles of brothel, often returned to sex trade owing to social stigma and having no other means to survive.

However, Shannon didn’t leave the saddening thought in India but came back to her country in order to help those women. Consequently, in 2006 Shannon founded Sudara, the organization which through its first-ever sewing center partnership began teaching women how to stitch. Their first six employees crafted a very fashionable range of lounge pants called Punjammies™. Since then, the Punjammies™have created ripples in Southern California as a very trending casual wear, powered with a cause.

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Each pajama pant has a story, and that comes with a hang tag that tells you the story of the woman behind the lounge pant. However, many in India are unaware about the stories of these women as the brand does not sell its famous Punjammies™ in India.

Here are some of the reasons that why Punjammies™ need to sell in India:

To create awareness among Indian masses

Sex workers in India can never truly achieve dignity even if they manage to break free from the world of prostitution and want to start a new chapter in life.Their only option is to find a job, but for them it gets very difficult to get a job. If they sell Punjammies™ in India,the lives of sex workers would get highlighted and hence, their status in the eyes of the people of India would change for better.

To create more job opportunities for sex workers

Punjammies™ might give a boost to the Indian industrialists and entrepreneurs to provide job opportunities to sex workers. This move would help many sex workers living in different parts of the country to leave behind prostitution as they would have a dignified resource to earn money and more career options. Further, it will elevate their status in the society and make the lives of their children better.

Fashion for a cause would get promotion

There are very few fashion houses and brands in India which are promoting or touching upon the livelihoods of underprivileged people. The entry of Punjammies™ would be another inspiration for especially budding designers to engineer outfits that are backed by a cause.

India is increasingly becoming a good marker for International brands

A lot of International brands make use of men and material from India, but never sell in India due to myriad reasons like less profits, etc. However, over the years, many popular international brands have forayed into the Indian market and discovered a good clientele. The brands like Zara, H&M, Mango, Calvin Klein etc. are doing very well in India. International goods are more in demand among the Indian people and especially the brands which promote certain issues, would get more mileage if they sell in India.





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