Rejuvenating from the basics on Day 5 at LFW’15


Day five opened with Mrinalini Chopra’s “Mathematics of sorts” collection; where no woman could have ever imagined that from the binary systems to the abacus, equations and numbers; could turn into conversation stopping jewellery for her. Using expert jewellery making techniques like rawa, navratana, jadai and nakashi, the craftsmanship moved to amazing heights.

Mrinalini Chandra at LFW WF 2015 (27)

On the same ramp Nitin Chawla showcased “Opposite Attract” a fashionable contradiction. This collection revolved around an imaginative love story between sporty Geoffrey and gentle Jessica. Their personalities and tastes interchanged and merged to form the basis of the collection. Having a slight modern androgynous touch, the fabrics selected by Nitin ranged from cottons, knits to mélange knits and leather.

Nitin Chawla at LFW WF 2015 (5)

Next came up, the Munkee.See.Munkee.Doo label by Teresa Laisom and Utsav Pradhan. They reinterpreted fashion norms with their collections. The duo had always been adventurous. They managed to design the line by pushing the creative envelope to its limits. Their innovative touches to fabrics, shapes, proportions and a slightly carefree approach to construction, was clearly visible.

Munkhee.See.Munkee Doo at LFW WF 2015  (9)

The immense jewellery collection by Nitya Arora was lined up next. Her bejewelled DARK VICTORIA FANTASY was a fashionable Gothic collection. For such a high voltage title, the jewellery in brass and gun metal was big and affluent in appearance but revealed dark undertones inspired by Gothic Architecture. Thread tassels, feathers, antique gold plating and black rhodium created the eye catching highlights. Swarovski crystals, semi-precious and coloured stones and glass recreated the stain glass effects on the jewellery; while pearls added the glamour to the ornaments. Featuring an amazing assortment of jewellery, Nitya unleashed a dazzling array of head gear, harnesses, bracelets, belts, broaches, big shoulder dusters and lots of face framing ornaments.

Nitya Arora at LFW WF 2015 (4)


After jewellery is was time for URVASHI KAUR, who touted a soulful array at LFW’15. The aesthetic fashion designer, Urvashi Kaur told the tale of an exuberant wanderer through her collection. The garments were narrated with minimalism and devoid of any access and superficiality. The unique marriage of contemporary and tradition was evident as models graced the runway portraying the youthful ardor in her clothing line, Urvashi depicted the innate beauty of adventurers in the intricate detailing of the assemblage.

Urvashi Kaur at LFW WF 2015 (2) Urvashi Kaur at LFW WF 2015 (5)

The most awaited show of the evening was of Masaba Gupta, known for her unconventional print stories each season, presented her art-inspiring tales comprising stylish brush strokes for her collection called “On Your Mark”. There was a certain fluidity and grace in the ensembles with a hint of playfulness and flowing clean lines, which were inspired by a horse’s prowess, gait and dynamism.The indentifying abstract prints were the horses face and the starting blocks on the race track. Detailing came in the form of elegant drapes and structures that have been a forté with Masaba for many seasons.

Masaba Gupta with showstopper Actor Sooraj Pancholi at LFW WF 2015 (1)

Masab’s show stopper this season was the latest heartthrob, new comer Sooraj Pancholi star of the soon-to-be released blockbuster movie “Hero” who made his first ever solo appearance on the ramp. Looking every inch a hero, handsome and dapper Sooraj strutted confidently in a black and white printed jacket with a two button tab closure, white shirt and dark trousers.

Followed the ramp, were a  series of shows by  Arunima Majhi, Alan Alexander Kaleekal and Kanika Goyal who gave trendy fashion directions on the ramp. Arunima presented her lustrous “layla” a neo Goth Street Wear collection which had derived its roots from the Black Parotia Birds whereas Alan’s “ages of consent” reinvented Naïve Indian culture.


Kanika Goyal at LFW WF 15 (2) Kaleekal at LFW WF 15 (5) Arunima Majhi at LFW WF 15 (15)

Kanika Goyal opened doors to a new genre of fashion. Led by a symphony of synchronisation, Kanika’s “Bio:Sonic” collection gave an insight into what the future was going to be. The ace designer reinvented the amalgamation of man and machine through her bold, eveningwear collection.

After the tremendous shows; DHL presented Anand Kabra and Nikasha’s collection on LFW’15. Anand’s collection was predominantly oriental inspired range. It had cleverly juxtaposition of prints, textures and embroidery.

Nikasha’s on the other hand was up with an unconventional collection called “Indira Et Amrita”. It was an intriguing display of garments. Inspired by the life of the Budapest born Sher-Gil sisters, Indira and Amrita, Nikasha’s design sensibilities were in the form of creative duality. With a backdrop of traditional cultures and avant garde fashion against a heady atmosphere of art and seduction; the ensembles were rich in form and structure.

Nikasha at LFW WF 15  (20) Anand Kabra at LFW WF 15

When the day was coming to a close, it was time for Monisha Jaising’s collection to create a jaw dropping moment among the audience. Monisha’s muse had to be the bombshell Bardot, when she envisaged this collection and influenced the designer’s modernised Riviera look of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The Monisha Jaising woman may be naïve, but sexy, liberated and daring, to bare on the beaches and in the fashion playgrounds of the world.  Her collection offered the adventurous dresser her trade mark kurtis that have created a unique individual genre in the global market.

Monisha Jaising at LFW WF 2015 (15) Monisha Jaising at LFW WF 2015 (24)

International model Ujjwala Raut dazzled the eyes of the audience when she sashayed onto the ramp in a breathtaking sheer net crystal drenched, long sleeved gown. The stylish lady of 2015 always desired a great prét resort wear wardrobe,  Monisha Jaising’s “Riviera” collection fulfilled her wish.

Monisha Jaising at LFW WF 2015 (29)


Day 5 at LFW was full of surprises and beautiful creative outfits. The whole five day journey has been a fascinating artistic flavor for fashion lovers.

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