Revisiting the Indian Culture- LFW’15 (Day 3)


Day 3 at LFW’15 was named as the ‘Indian Handloom and Textile Day’; designers Swati and Sunaina, Rinku Sobti and Shruti Sancheti showcased their collection bringing the Indian weavers to lime light.  From Banaras to Varanasi textiles were given the prime importance in the collections.

Rinku Sobti and Gauhar Khan at LFW WF 2015  (6) Swati & Sunaina at LFW WF 2015  (15)

As the Indian cultural treat built on, designers Divya Sethi, Swati Vijaivargie and Rahul n Shikha brought another series of Indian textiles on the ramp.

As part of the ‘Reinvent Banaras’ initiative announced by PM Narendra Mody, the designers attempted to bring out the traditional side of India in their collections. Divya Sethi presented old traditions of Rajasthan through her line. Whereas Swati showcased the artistry of flat weaving called Klim and Dhurrie of her collection. Rahul and Shikha rejuvenated one of the oldest forms of textile designing for their collection.

Divya Sheth at LFW WF 2015 (26) Vrisa by Rahul N Shikha at LFW WF 2015 (2)

Designer Ashdeen Lilaowala presented a collection “The Scent of the Orient” inspired from Parsi Gara and Chinese embroideries. She also paired up Chinese and Indian culture in her collection.

Ashdeen at LFW WF 15

Karishma Shahani Khan presented a collection based on multiple inspirations of the past; the prime focus of the line was pleats and smocking.

Kiran and Meghna presented a line which moved from tussar to gajji silk in monochromes.

In series of presentations, designer Priyanka Dagdee, Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama and Sreejith Jeevan showcased their collections, which were also appreciated by the audience.

At dawn, Gaurang Shah entered with his collection “Samyukta”. A line inspired by the love story of Prithviraj Chauhan and the Queen Samyukta. The collection was an interesting historical textile story. It took him 8 months to create this love story as he created the lush fabrics in Surkh red and matched them with timeless embellishments. The 44 piece elaborate collection of bridal wear on 44 top models of India put a strong stamp on Banaras weaves.

Designer Gaurang at LFW WF 15

After witnessing a grand and historic love story, Padma Shri Ritu Kumar, India’s most prolific and internationally well-known textile revivalist, marked her presence with her sensational “Varanasi Weaves” collection  bringing back the beauty of motifs like Badami, Kyari, Shikargah and floral butis, Ritu showcased glittering gold and silver royal textiles to an applauding audience.

With 50 master craftsmen, Ritu presented a mind-boggling collection of timeless designs that ranged from yarns in silk and metallic to reviving the traditional design motifs.

As the day was about to end, designer Ruchika Sachdeva, presented a splendid range of apparels. She showcased a new fashion horizon for Indian women who are untamed yet rooted strongly to their soil. Holding to the spark of effortless elegance with a contemporary mélange, Ruchika managed to portray through an innovative installation that the New Age girl can convey it all. Ruchika exhibited the perfect wardrobe choice for the constant jet setters, who are always on the go and would still want their style game to be on point.

Playing a major role for the day, Anita Dongre ended day 3 at LFw’15 with the launch of her new “Grassroot” collection.

Anita Dongre at LFW WF 2015 (15)

A luxurious tree stood on stage to signify the brand “Grassroot”. Beautiful Bollywood star Dia Mirza’s touching introduction of the theme at the beginning of the show, made the anticipation unbearable.

Anita’s dream on reviving the crafts of our country like; ahir, ikat, gotta patti, warli turned into reality through her label ‘Grassroot’. The brand’s philosophy of “Revive, Sustain, and Empower” was amply evident as the intricate garments appeared on the ramp. The fabrics were gorgeous silks from Bhagalpur with smooth textures.

The varying styles moved from western to fusion in easy silhouettes with lavish crafts as the focal point of each entry.

Anita Dongre at LFW WF 2015 (3)

At the finale, designer Anita Dongre created a sensation by inviting 26 master craftswomen from Gujarat to walk on the ramp. The talented women were truly the stars of Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015 and definitely deserved the wildly appreciative standing ovation from the audience.

Anita Dongre at LFW WF 2015 (18)

When fashion meets craft revival, then the result is the fabulous “Grassroot” brand by Anita Dongre who has worked for decades to bring traditional heritage fashion to centre stage.

Anita Dongre at LFW WF 2015 (30)

Day 3 at Jabong stage of LFW’15 witnessed immense traditions and cultures being showcased by various designers as they celebrated Indian Handloom and Textile day.


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