Salvatore Ferragamo Puts Microchips To End Counterfeiting


Salvatore Ferragamo has introduced a new strategy of embedding microchips in shoes and bags to prevent counterfeiters. The luxury brand would strategically place the microchip, which would be readable only at a distance of 4cm (your movements won’t be tracked).

This move is designed to ensure that the online customers are not cheated. Upon getting tired of Ferragamo and other high-end products, people tend to resell their belongings on ebay and other similar online portals but the resale value of the products sold, often gets lost on ebay. But by inserting microchips, Salvatore Ferragamo would not just be able to confirm authenticity but also help in increasing the resale value of Ferragamo product.

Consequently, this method of preventing counterfeiting will ensure that the potential customers are buying a genuine Salvatore Ferragamo product.



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