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With feature films consuming every possible space in movie theaters, the market for short films has never been able to draw the attention of audience they deserve. Fortunately, with the expansion of social media these incredible productions have been able to increase their reach. We bring to you some breath-taking films which are worth a watch.

Don’t miss out on the last one.  

1. 2+2=5

Simple with its production style, the film extends an eye to the viewers to see the uncut political hierarchy. The film picks up the simplest problem from school yet manages to make a global statement. The extreme dilution in narrative technique for such complex subject is what makes it special.

2. Thoughts of a Dead Atheist

The film has an unusual concept where an atheist falls into the pit of Hell for his lack of belief yet he manages to defeat the Devil in a game of chess by his ability to question.  Ironically, this very ability is what makes him an atheist and makes him fall in the pit. The selective red color treatment for the devil creates a unique character  in the monochrome.

3.  Thirst

This film makes it to the list for its great visual quality. The ability of the film to grasp the audience’s attention throughout the film with a very trivial subject is what makes it special. Brilliant compositions and simple but effective VFX adds to the visual appeal of the film.

4. The Crush

Love has no dimension. It’s as relative as time. The projection of unconventional love with a touch of comic elements is what makes the film special.

5. The Music Box

This Sisyphean film was the first ever live action short to win an Oscar. The crux of the film revolves around Laurel and Hardy who attempt to push a piano that doesn’t want to stay put up a flight of stairs.  With perfectly timed scenes and outstanding performances, the film goes in the books as a classic.



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