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Do you have a collection of watches? Do you at least own a watch? Is it genuine or is it a replica?

Having a watch and wearing it around our wrist makes us time conscious. And it is not a bad habit or bad connotation. In fact, it can be considered as a positive character because it will lessen our tardiness when it comes to work, school, or meetings.

Purchasing a luxury watch these days isn’t as easy as it once was. Today, there are multiple things that need to be considered. This brings us to the question, what is to be considered while buying a watch? Should it be the size or should it be the brand? Or any watch will do as long as it tells you the correct time?

Though it’s just a watch, one might want to own something that is good, useful, and affordable. A material that is expensive is not always beneficial and not all low-priced things are useless. Sometimes, one needs to be meticulous to possess the things that you really want and you really need.

So, what watch an individual really need depends on the following factors.

1. Budget:

Every decision an individual takes today boils downs to money. For buying a watch it’s no different, the first set of categorization depends on, to what degree an individual is ready to burn his pocket.


2. Personal Style:

An individual’s personality should be reflected in what one wears. If one is bold and progressive, he can wear something that makes a statement like a Franck Muller. If one loves innovation, he can consider purchasing a Piaget.


3. Purpose:

If one simply needs something to wear to the office, a formal Patek Phillipe should be good enough. If one is planning a day on a yacht, a Blanc Pain Leman Perpetual Calendar will fill the purpose. Considering where the watch will be worn is crucial before making a purchase.


4. Exclusivity:

Some watches are made for the mass and some are luxury limited edition watches, like the ones created by Vacheron Constantin. A decision needs to be taken if one is looking for something with limited production numbers or something many can afford.


5. Authenticity:

Brand authenticity does count everywhere. Purchasing a knock-off luxury watch doesn’t really work if one is looking to create an impression. If budget is an issue, considering a lower range original than a knock off is a wiser decision.


6. Watch Case Size:

With the diverse variety, watches these days also comes a number of different case sizes. From the larger cases offered by brands like Ulysse Nardin to the average sized cases like Chronoswiss, personal needs should dictate the decision.


7. Extras Features:

Luxury watches come with GPS technology, two-way radios, and a variety of numbering systems. One can always consider adding benefits which might actually be useful for them.


Once a decision is made on which watch is to be bought, the last vital question is, Where to buy? Buying from a brand’s store (e.g. Rolex store) is certainly the safest option. Least is the chance they’ll sell a knock off or a defective product. But if one is considering buying from other stores, special care should be taken to verify the authenticity and genuineness of the product.

Over time, the significance of watches in human lifestyle has changed from a machine which could inform us with time to a fashion status symbol. Yet watch makers created diverse options for every class of the society, for the consumers to decide what suits them best in their parameters.


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