Stuck in FOMO, MOMO or FOJI?

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Situation One: The ‘awesome lives’ rule the social media platforms. As soon as you log on to any of your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram, you find yourself scrolling through the happening lives of your friends. You see a certain friend posing in front of the Eiffel Tower and the next thing you have is this sinking feeling that says, ‘Wish I could also be there’. It gives you a feeling that everybody is having more fun than you or without you. In the digital terminology, this feeling is called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).


Situation Two: You have a special someone, perhaps a crush and that person doesn’t feel necessary to share on social media. You scroll obsessively through your timeline to see any post made by that person; you might even search his or her Facebook or Twitter account. However, the detective in you gets frustrated as you can see no clues about him or her. You assume that the particular person is having fun or hiding something from you. This situation is called MOMO (Mystery of Missing Out)

nastya nudnik

Situation Three:Have you ever asked this question to yourself again and again, ‘Should I post this status or picture?’ And then another question, ‘What if nobody or very few like my status or picture?’ If you have been asking these two question and you end up posting nothing, you probably have FOJI (Fear of Joining In).

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Now, what is common in all these situations is one word, ‘anxiety’. These situations or anxieties are result of our obsession towards social media. To check what-everyone-is-doing-around-us has become a trend and it is almost pressurizing to maintain and keep up with it. There is an imagery quotient which is directly proportional to our posts and photos on social media and you feel you have hit an iceberg if that image doesn’t get approval in terms of likes, favourites, retweets and comments.  Incessantly, we check for updates on our phone ‘anxiously’ hoping that somebody gives us that approval.

Sounds disheartening but don’t be disheartened because these fears or anxieties are something very normal. There are measures to get rid of these situations.


 ‘Don’t Miss Out’:  Yes don’t miss out on your life. What or who is stopping you from having fun. So you may not pose in front of the Eiffel Tower but there are so many interesting things that happen as soon as you step out of your house. Stop concentrating on other people’s life, your life is the most precious.

‘Who Cares’: Who cares attitude work on social media. If you want to put your picture, just do it. Do you even need approval for doing things you like? You know yourself, why care of being judged and liked. You should like your own picture or believe in your status.

‘Where Have All The Activities Gone?’:Reading, writing, playing, painting, music, hiking and ad infinitum things-they are important. Social media is not everything. If you don’t have an activity, get an activity.

‘Dial The Number’:If you really to know what the person is up to then simply dial his or her number or drop a message. Why stalk that person to find out what he or she is doing and waste your precious time? Dialing might even make you get closer to that person.

‘Have A No Social Media Day’: Have a day in a week when you don’t access any social networking platforms and you do things you like or spend that extra time with your family.

Check your phone only when it beeps. Carpe Diem!


All Images used are artworks of Ukrainian artist Nastya Nudnik’s Emoji Nation Series. Check out some of her amazing work here. Nastya Nudnik 


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