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In India, we are hard-pressed to believe that more expensive the food item is, the more nutrient value it holds and if that food item is imported from exotic lands, the better it is. However, the country which comprises 70 per cent agricultural land is not just home to spices. India is indeed rich in food and superfoods. But, what are superfoods? The term ‘superfood’ is coined to promote the very basic food items which are rich in antioxidants, contain immense health benefits and high in nutrients.

Some of the superfoods available in India are:


Lentils are very rich in proteins, iron and dietary fiber. Commonly called ‘mung beans’, lentils are very easy to digest and practically contain no fats. Lentils are a good source for weight loss and for controlling diabetes.



Also known as ‘amla’, gooseberry is rich in Vitamin C. This superfood balances stomach acids, increases food absorption, flushes out toxins, increases skin health, and is good for liver and urinary system.



Beetroot reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. It enhances athletic performance, lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow. It also helps in digestion.



Tamarind is also called ‘imli’ and is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C and acts as an antioxidant. It reduces inflammation throughout the body, improves sight and respiratory health. It also lowers the cholesterol and is a protector against parasites.



Spinach is high in potassium, proteins, iron and minerals. It improves bone health, decreases the risk of asthma and prevents hair loss. Spinach also reduces blood pressure, helps in cancer prevention and controls diabetes.



Honey is the sweetest and one of the most popular superfoods. Honey acts as a cough suppressant, treats dandruff, treats wounds and reduces allergies. It also sharpens memory and helps in sleeping.



Turmeric or ‘haldi’ is a very essential spice in Indian cooking. It is rich is calcium, Vitamin K and E, iron, zinc among many other nutrients. Turmeric prevents cancer, relieves arthritis, strengthens immunity system and heals wounds. It is also good for skin.



Banana is a source of instant energy, it reduces blood pressure and helps boost memory. Bananas are good for diarrhea treatment and reduce the risk of developing leukemia.



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