Tarun Tahiliani Pays Tribute To Courtesans

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Ace Courtier Tarun Tahiliani, took the ongoing India Couture Week as an opportunity to pay tribute and acknowledgement to the highest bastions of culture, poetry, dance and finesse. His collection titled, ‘The Last Dance of the Courtesan’ portrayed a story where sensuality crossed path with sensibility. The thoughtful collection captured the allure and dignity of the once respected Indian courtesans.


The courtesans were women who consorted with kings and nobles. They were under the patronage of kings or nobles and would only provide sexual favors to them. They were the custodians of fashion and were very proficient in dance and music. However, over a period of time and regressive ideologies in different era like the British rule, the status of the courtesans went downhill. They were often confused with the prostitutes and promiscuous women. Today, the bar dancers are often ostracized from the society. Hence, the dignity of the courtesans has unfortunately got translated into the disgrace with passage of time.

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So, in the present society where women are branded and objectified, this particular fashion show comes as a wakeup call for all those who don’t appreciate sensuality and callously label women. To elaborate the concept, Tahiliani collaborated with dancer Manjari Chaturvedi, a leading epitome of classical dance. She brought alive the essence of the show through her unforgettable Darbari Kathak performance.

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The models gracefully walked down the ramp wearing chikankari sarees, brocade lehengas among other outfits brushed in Swarovski crystals. The materials comprised tulle, sheer silks and light brocades mixed with fine thread work and crystals. The jewelry especially pearls brought out elegance and grace. The color palette ranged from lighter to darker shades. Cream, pink, combination of red and orange, black ruled the ramp on the day 2 of the India Couture Week.

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