The Five Indie Sari Brands You Need To Know

radio rani source facebook page

Saris can be reinterpreted and draped in a number of ways. A humble piece of cloth-sari can exude diverse sensibilities and stories.  The sari has undergone many changes over the years and has come to reflect the role of women in the present society. Today, saris epitomize the spirit of a modern, liberated and independent woman. Over the years, many indie designers have flirted with traditional saris and infused contemporary ideas into them.

Here are some of the indie sari labels that just cannot be ignored:

Radio Rani

Radio Rani is a thematic sari brand, driven by moods, prints and interesting drapes. Mumbai girl Sneh Nihalani wanted to depart from the typical beanres, chanderi and kanjeevarams and start something which showed many shades of India. One of her saris is based on the saga of Draupadi, another reflects the calmness of Lord Buddha, and one even captures the spirit of daydreamers and insomniacs. The saris by Radio Rani are meant for free-spirited women who are not tied down by the societal pressures of the world.

radio rani source facebook page


Anavila Misra brought to our notice the fuss-free and minimalistic linen saris. Her saris synthesize the spirit of a woman who is a free-thinker. Her saris which are rife with muted sensibilities are not at all meant for an uptight woman. Her saris are not about unnecessary embellishments or details. On the contrary, the material or the fabric enhances her saris.



Founded by Swathy, ‘Bhang’ as the name suggests has a collection of addictive saris. Each piece is distinct from another, ranging from elegant to classy, sensual to playful and bold to minimalist. She incorporates many techniques in her saris like color blocking, checkered prints, embellishments, etc. Bhang is an online store that operates via Facebook.



The saris by Banwarey are old fashioned but with a bohemian appeal. Banwarey saris are plain in color with dramatic long blouses with tassels at the end. The handloom blousesare such that they can be even paired with jeans or trousers. Their cholis are not so quintessential but certainly have depth and sophistication.



Saris by Sanjukta are very contemporary in appeal. They are playful, have a variety of colors and patterns and are definitely dramatic. She has tastefully given her gamcha saris or the coarse cotton saris, a bohemian appeal. The blouses are elaborate and the saris are flowy.



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