Travel Before 30 Articles Are Only For The Rich


   7 travel goals you should have before turning 25!

                      Why solo travelling is a must do before you turn 30?

    If you haven’t travelled till now, then you really haven’t journeyed into your inner self!

 A 25 year old insurance agent comes back to his rented PG accommodation without selling any insurance, handful of money in his wallet and he is reading why solo travelling is important before turning 30. After a difficult day, it is disheartening for him to learn that he has never solo travelled in his life. Inspired, he wants to solo travel and after a few moments of ecstasy, the reality bites him. The reality is that his rent is due and he is not earning enough. Poor chap! He sees his two good friends posing like Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, blocking the marvellous sunset but definitely ‘travelling’. By now, he is certainly in FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) mode.


‘Travelling’ has become such a buzzword today. It is projected as a major lifestyle choice that you should make in your life.The worst part is when ‘age’ component is added to travelling, as if the world would turn upside down if you haven’t solo travelled by the time you are 30. Social media is flooded with listicle articles, videos and GIFs forcing us to travel – to leave everything and travel. However, the harsh truth is that between our idealistic dreams and travelling, there is  huge amount of money and time that has to be invested.  Whose purpose do these articles serve? These articles or information could be good for awareness but without solutions, these articles are less inspiring and more demanding. For #UrbanRich, these stories are like crème in the coffee but for #UrbanPoor these stories are like sugar free in the coffee.


After, reading why travelling is necessary, you would come across an article telling why 25 is just the age when you should start investing in mutual funds. On one hand the urban poor are advised to invest and on the other hand they are encouraged to invest their money in travel by a certain ‘ideal’ age. The main question is that can’t a person start travelling after 40 years of age or not be made to feel that there is a certain age before a person should travel. What’s the rush and urgency!

It’s never too late to learn and it’s never too late to travel. Even if you haven’t travelled, it is okay because you probably have another set of experiences. So, stay calm and focus on your present!



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