We all know these Fashion Caricatures.


Cult following and association dressing changed the way people perceived clothing. Fashion retail chains got on with mass production and the products became available to every man across boundaries. The fast fashion cycle has indented in us the need to be in tune with the fashion fad always. The fact that clothing by recognizable brands is affordable and available has made it easier for everyone to get their hands on them.
The retailers work in a pattern that dissolves all age, gender and topography boundaries thereby creating a homogenous heap of similar dressers.
This new cycle in motion has made us all consumers running after the same mass produced stuff. With the social media extravaganza and the need to stand out, more and more people are trying to get their hands on the latest collection thus further contributing to the fast fashion cycle. The ‘made for all’ motto has turned people looking alike and in the obsessive need to stand out yet bland in, we have new stereotypes that can easily define how men and women now dress.


john bravo 2
The chiselled look swept men of their feet somewhere in the beginning of 2014 when chiselled bodies just couldn’t be contained in muscle tees. The Johnny Bravos of the real world are often seen with plunge neckline T-shirts in pastel shades, low waist denims or trousers, ray ban shades and formal shoes…well most of the time.
The plunge necklines and gym selfies are their favourites. They should probably focus a bit on some leg iron pumping too because the inverted look is getting tiresome!
The T-shirts must go an inch looser some of the times and may be invest in a pair of cargos…


2 to 9
This kind of styling probably comes of new art cinema… think Wake up Sid. They invest in sportswear and their T-shirts are mostly graphic. A good pair of denims , some canvas shoes and an aversion towards formals is their stamp. They are often seen in unkept hair and grizzly beard.
The no man’s land between band artists and street cults is really not paying off. The laid back look should be experimented with a little by including shirts with T shirts or trousers and linen bottoms.


beard 2
We have a moustache November! Need we say more? Beardos are practically part of every dressing stereotype. A new beard tsunami has made its way in our men’s life. From college boys to entrepreneurs, men are experimenting with tall beards and hence, there is a huge gap where clean shaven men should have been! There is a need to identify with beard style works for your face.


city girl
The influence for city girls dressing comes mainly from magazines and bollywood, though they strictly abide by the chic look. They are impeccably dressed at all times and are frequent mall walkers. The dressing style usually includes the latest fast fashion trend that may range from second skin legging and crop top with ballerinas, to cinched dresses with a twin handle handbag securely tugged at the elbow. Make no mistake about the fact that they always…always sport oversized shades and sleek hair.
This kind of dressing style often calls for a change of scenery if I may put it metaphorically. There is need to move a little away from the trend and stop looking like pastries like Chanel once emphasized. Experimenting with clothing of different kinds and looks is possibly the best possible option. Whenever you think you can spot at least two of your clothes twins…move your wardrobe around.


While we do have a complete platter of highly styled prim and proper women around us, it is not very often that we do not spot an artsy on the road. This kind of dressing calls for a toned down natural , hand-woven ensemble, a little kohl, unkept hair and kohla puri flats. Junk jewellery and DIY is a favourite with them!
While it does remind us of our root, I still think it is just another way of accepting the stereotype dressing.


The kitsch quirky
Manish Arora brought a wave of colours and hues when he claimed the fashion stores. ‘Loud is more’ is the funda for this style of dress up. Bold prints, colour blocked ensemble and accessories of every colour imaginable are decked on for this look. The idea is sort of a yellow umbrella in monsoons. While the look is pleasant most of the times, it is important to know the basic rules of keeping a dominant colour and enhancing it with subtle accents here and there.


happening mom

With the generation Y plunging deep in the fashion pool, the previous generation is not to be left behind. The new age moms are experimenting with new trends and fashion which ideally their age doesn’t allow them.
Graphic T-shirts, floral prints, tight fitted denims and layers of pan cake on their face with which they end up looking comical. These dressing styles are easy to carry but at the same time one should not forget their period.
A break is required when it comes to just following trends. Broaden your horizon and refrain from buying clone clothing. You can always invest in your favourite colours and styles without worrying about what is in!