What makes a perfect sunglass?


The legendary singer-songwriter, artist and writer, Bob Dylan surprised the dignitaries and fashion connoisseurs, few years ago, when he accepted The Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama at the White House. The surprise element was his dark, aviator shades which looked more like a fashion accessory than an object of utility. And so, sunglasses have indeed shifted more towards the fashion sphere than the essentials sphere. Owing to such trends, brands like Chanel, Prada, Tom Ford etc., have forayed into the existing sunglass industry. Today, sunglasses are even worn in places like subways where they are just not required. Over the years, there are numerous styles of sunglasses that have emerged. Let’s not neglect the aforementioned basic utility factor of sunglasses- protection of eyes from the sun. There are some important determinants listed below that shouldn’t be overlooked when buying a sunglass.


What is a good sunglass?


The most major contributor to eye disease is ultraviolet radiation. Just because your glasses have darker tint, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are protected from the UV rays. The benchmark of a good pair of sunglass is:-

  • Your pair of shades should block out 99 to 100 percent of both UV-A and UV-B radiations.
  • They should be free from blemishes, distortions, and imperfections.

What are the materials used in a sunglass?


The materials combination in a sunglass has to be strong enough in order to protect your eyes.  The two main materials used are polycarbonate and glass. However, if you desire sport shades as a fashion accessory than acrylic lens may also be used.

How to tell whether that lens is good enough?



Find a tiled floor and hold the sunglasses, a short distance away from your face and cover one eye. You just need to look through the lens and move it slowly in different directions. If the lines stay straight, well the lens is sturdy enough else it is not the right lens for you.

How to choose the lens color?

The weather pattern has an immense effect on the lens color one chooses. Here’s a table that shows that which is the most suitable color according to the weather.


Is Polarization really that important?


The difference between a normal and polarized sunglass is that while a normal sunglass provides basic protection against horizontal and vertical rays, a polarized sunglass has an inbuilt laminated filter that permits only vertical rays to pass through. Moreover, it blocks the horizontal rays to eliminate glares. Polarized sunglasses can be used when driving and boating.

What exactly to choose depends on your preferences but you should have an eye for a sunglass backed by quality and precision.



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