What’s The Time?

The old adage goes, ‘Time is Money’ because we all have to stick to certain time schedule, meet deadlines by certain time, fix our appointment with doctor, lawyer etc., at a particular time. We all need a watch to know that we are sticking to our schedule.

Neuchatel’s Hautlence Labyrinth is a watch indeed but it asks you to take a break. You would be puzzled to that instead of typical 1 to 12 numbers and a minute, second and hour needles, it has a maze. So much for the time! This time-breaking watch will momentarily make you forget the time as you move your wrists to solve the maze.

As soon as the maze gets solved, the ball leaves the dial and then you would have to get back to your mechanical life with the help of the crown.

High time we all needed this watch as an inspiration!



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