Why Your Health Choices Have To Be The Talk Of The Town?


We all have that one friend who:-

1)  Invests in kilos and kilos of soyabean.

2)  Goes to none other than Gold’s Gym.

3)  Prefers kale inspired vegetarian treat over humble ‘palak’.

4)  Drinks the bitter branded cold pressed juice.

5)  Makes a comment about adopting a healthy lifestyle when somebody orders cheese burger.

6)  Cooks food in extra virgin olive oil.

7)  Doesn’t have much money but puts all this ‘upmarket’ regimen on Facebook.

The most amusingly annoying part is that he or she is usually the healthiest of all our friends.


We comb our hair, we clean our kitchen slab, we clean the dust from our laptop screen, and we take medicines because these are all necessities. And so is health- a necessity, but why we need to project our branded health choices more vehemently than other necessities? The point here is not about making the choices, but that why we need to brag so much about those choices? Why a wifey needs to force her hubby to drink green tea when he prefers ice tea (unless he has health ailments) and why hubby forces his wifey to hit the cross fit gym with him? Is it about showing that, ‘Oh! look I am mature enough and have better ways of looking after my health than your boring clichéd ways?’


Even if the traditional ways are to be there, people would want to run away if grandmother talks about the advantages of using ‘dantmanjan’ but if the same idea is propagated by an upmarket brand, the same ‘dantmanjan’ concept suddenly becomes appealing. Don’t we all seem to overstress about health because of ideas perpetuated by health, lifestyle brands in order to make their ends meet!

In a world obsessed with brands and moves forward with the ideology of ‘we need to follow the niche’, health has become more of a cool concept. Health has become a tool of validation for many, who feel that showing-off healthy choices would make them classier. Healthy choices have become more of a fad, more to belong in the classes.

At times it is okay to let it go and have a relationship with your pizza, don’t worry, nobody  has the time  to judge you.



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